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Released: 22nd Sep 2014


LP + download

Released: 22nd Sep 2014


nearly 3 years after her outstanding debut, Elizabeth Bernholz re-emerges in full force, gnashing her teeth & armed with her sophomore full length.

In 'UNFLESH', the massively talented brightonian explores a newfound, adrenalised-Pop style in greater depth - from the bone-chilling, Iggy Pop-inspired 'I Feel Blood', the stark choral lullaby of 'Premonition', to the Prince-meets-Sonic Youth influenced 'GUTS' & 'Still Life'. Far removed from the artist's former dreamscapes, 'UNFLESH' presents a stripped down hyper-colour alternative world  to get lost in. with the additional production & mixing artistry of Benge (internationally renowned analogue synthesiser hero), her new sound is strengthened by the addition of museum-piece synthesisers.



  1. Unflesh
  2. GUTS
  3. Exorcise
  4. Good Death
  5. Anti Body
  6. Child
  7. Premonition
  8. A1 Receptor
  9. Belly Of The Beast
  10. Human Touch
  11. I Feel Blood
  12. Still Life