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ivy tripp



Released: 6th Apr 2015


white lp + download

Released: 6th Apr 2015

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Katie Crutchfield’s 3rd album melds the powerful lo-fi acoustic tracks full of lament that made up her debut 'American Weekend' & the more solid, developed sound of her follow-up, 'Cerulean Salt'.

'Ivy Tripp' drifts confidently from these previous albums & brings forth a sound that has more in common with juliana hatfield, throwing muses or even husker du. The lament & grieving for her youth seem to have been replaced with control & sheer self-honesty. "Opening on distorted, droning guitar fuzz with touches of a synth-y melody sprinkled throughout, 'Breathless' makes it clear that Crutchfield has stepped up her sound production-wise, though her knack for minimalist music as a vehicle for her knife-in-the-gut lyrics & vocal delivery remains as intact as ever" 9/10 - exclaim!

ivy tripp


  1. Breathless Under A Rock Poison
  2. La Loose
  3. Stale By Noon
  4. The Dirt
  5. Blue
  6. Air
  7. <
  8. Grey Hair
  9. Summer Of Love
  10. Half Moon
  11. Bonfire