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Released: 27th Jun 2011

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it’s been 8 long years since gillian welch’s last album if you don’t count the dave rawlings “solo” album or collaborations with the likes of bright eyes, norah jones, tom jones & most notably, the decemberists on ‘the king is dead’ but what a return. any doubts that welch wouldn’t be able to match past triumphs are immediately dispelled from stunning opener ‘scarlet town’ on. if anything, she’s distilled her timeless (out of time) sound even further, down to the pure essence of true americana. as the decemberists’ colin meloy says, these are “the sort of songs you wouldn’t be surprised to hear issuing from some verdant, wooded hollow in appalachia or hollered from an asheville grange hall, all too late in the evening. listen to this record with the lights low. listen to it on an old radio, cradled next to your ear.” forget welch’s big city background, no one else inhabits the place where real folk meets real country as magnificently as this. if you’re already a fan this is a must have & if you’ve been listening to alela diane, caitlin rose, eilen jewell or devon sproule, this is an essential addition to your collection. a "timeless country classic, welch's most ruggedly traditional work yet." ‘album of the month’- uncut.