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chaudelande (2015)

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Released: 6th Aug 2015

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Gnod’s 'Chaudelande Vol 1 & 2' previsously vinyl only albums have become a thing of infamy as two of the greatest slabs of beat driven, shamanistic space noise to of been released over the past few years and here they are brought together for the first time on CD.

The epic pilgrimage that is 'Chaudelande' takes us on a ride through the narrow chinks of the cavernous mind in the frenzied spirit of This Heat, Sunburned Hand of Man and the repetitive beats of Krautrock via Wax Trax. So come join the cult that is Gnod’s ‘Chaudelande’ as once again the band deliver another jolt to the unsound mind.

chaudelande (2015)


  1. Tron
  2. Visions Of Load
  3. The Vertical Dead
  4. Man On The Wire
  5. Entrance
  6. Genocider