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holy roar


Released: 1st Jun 2015


white lp + download

Released: 1st Jun 2015

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the Sheffield mathcore stars are forever pushing forward artistically & now, with just 2 original members, they deliver their most direct album but it's no less exhilarating or diverse.

they've always been one of the most inventive & progressive bands in the UK but the monumental 'grievances' sees them melding the mathcore leanings they've been known for with further developed elements of neo-classical piano & strings. it's a striking & powerful record & one that will appeal to fans of brontide (with whom they share members),  dillinger escape plans or converge. "Heralded by pulverising’s on the offensive from the first second of opener ‘Estranged’. guitarist Chris Cayford & bassist Nathan Fairweather trade dagger sharp Mars Volta riffs as the Spence siblings yell their throats to shreds, spitting angry lyrics of breakdown and betrayal" 7/10 - nme.

sam recommends: cosmic melodies alongside their recognisable mathcore sensibilities make for the most concise and interesting rolo tomassi album yet.



  1. Estranged
  2. Raumdeter
  3. The Embers
  4. Prelude Iii (Phantoms)
  5. Opalescent
  6. Unseen And Unknown
  7. Stage Knives
  8. Crystal Cascades
  9. Chandelier Shiver
  10. Funereal
  11. All That Has Gone Before