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Owiny Sigoma Band




Released: 28th Aug 2015


lp + dl

Released: 11th Sep 2015

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a faultless melting pot of disparate sounds & yet another pivotal moment in the turning cogs of this intoxicating, often surprising, soundclash.

for the 3rd album from the cross-cultural, boundary surpassing Band - A complex, constantly evolving, musical project that has seen the band producing music in both Kenya & London - the band travelled to the Nyanza Province of Western Kenya to explore the birthplace of Luo music. Mirroring their journey, the music on this record sees the band move forward sonically, rolling through a myriad of influences – juju, shangaan electro, dub, techno, and 80s synth pop jostle alongside each other in a way that all feels utterly natural alongside the traditional Luo sounds of the region.



  1. (Nairobi) Too Hot
  2. Luo Land
  3. Owour Won Gembe
  4. I Made You / You Made Me
  5. Fishermans Camp pt 1
  6. Ojoni Wopio
  7. Nyanza Night
  8. Tech 9
  9. Deep Kisumu Fish
  10. Changaa Attack
  11. Jah Mic
  12. Amolo Tienga (CD Bonus track)