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Phil Cook

Southland Mission

Middle West


Released: 11th Sep 2015



Released: 11th Sep 2015


having worked with justin vernon's gayngs & deyarmond edison, hiss golden messanger, matthew e white and (most famously) megafaun over the years, cook's picked up a fair few tricks for his solo venture that he's used to outstanding effect.

tapping into country and folk alongside straight up rock, he's made an album of brilliant off kilter americana that should appeal to anyone that's loved the likes of jim white, son volt or richmond fontaine in recent years, or those who enjoy great catchy songs with lyrical depth and intensity. "cook will no doubt continue to be in demand by others, but southland mission suggests he really should be making his own music more of a priority" - 8/10 uncut

Southland Mission


  1. Ain't It Sweet
  2. 1922
  3. Great Tide
  4. Belong
  5. Sitting On A Fence
  6. Lowly Road
  7. Time To Wake
  8. Anybody Else
  9. Gone