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hey colossus

Radio Static High

Rocket Recordings


Released: 2nd Oct 2015


red LP + download

Released: 2nd Oct 2015


not content with releasing the compulsive avant-rock of 'in black & gold', the 6-piece london-via-somerset troupe follow it up with their 2nd album of the year - one that further ups the ante on their savagely graceful assault.

honing their attack to become a veritable force of nature, they are constructing songs at a fierce rate of knots, yet with a focus & intensity. with all the bulldozing primal drive of heavy AmRep-style rock & none of the cliches + a sound infused with leftfield sleight-of-hand yet hitting home like hammer to anvil, Hey Colossus prove themselves as potent as they are prolific. this beast has mutated and evolved into something uncommonly alluring. on for fans of the heads, folloakzoid, gnod, henry blacker or shit & shine.

Radio Static High


  1. Radio Static High
  2. March of the Headaches
  3. Hop the Railings
  4. Numbed Out
  5. Memories of Wonder
  6. Snapping Undone
  7. Another Head
  8. The Mourning Gong
  9. Hesitation Time
  10. Honey