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in a moment… Ghost box



Released: 9th Oct 2015


2lp + download

Released: 10th Oct 2015


To mark the label’s 10th anniversary, the fabulous Ghost Box have compiled a double album of highlights from their back catalogue - a double helping of hauntology goodness.

31 specially remastered tracks from the likes of The Advisory Circle, Belbury Poly, The Focus Group, Pye Corner Audio, John Foxx & The Belbury Circle, Roj, Mount Vernon Arts Lab & a track from the forthcoming album by Hintermass. the booklet insert features extensive sleeve notes by music writer, Simon Reynolds. Both physical formats are lavish packages designed by Julian House & celebrate the fact that graphic design has always played a central part of the label’s ethos. "If you haven't ventured inside the world of Ghost Box before, this is an excellent entry point" - the quietus.

in a moment… Ghost box


  1. Dancing Horse (Logotone) - The Focus Group
  2. Escape Lane - The Advisory Circle
  3. Farmer's Angle - Belbury Poly
  4. Hey Let Loose Your Love - The Focus Group
  5. Attaining the Third State - Roj
  6. Almost There - John Foxx and The Belbury Circle
  7. Deep End - Pye Corner Audio
  8. Callsign 'A' - The TV Trap - The Advisory Circle
  9. Nuclear Substation - The Advisory Circle
  10. Owls and Flowers - Belbury Poly
  11. Frumious Numinous - The Focus Group
  12. Boiling Point - The Soundcarriers
  13. Mind How You Go Now - The Advisory Circle
  14. Cantalus - Belbury Poly
  15. You do not see me - The Focus Group
  16. Belbury Poly Logotone - Belbury Poly
  17. The Mirror Ball Cracked - Pye Corner Audio
  18. Bromiding place - The Focus Group
  19. The Hidden Door - Belbury Poly
  20. The Black Drop - Mount Vernon Arts Lab
  21. Poppingart - The Focus Group
  22. Wheel Of The Year - The Advisory Circle
  23. Shining Stone (Logotone) - The Focus Group
  24. The Willows - Belbury Poly
  25. Sundial - The Advisory Circle
  26. Bongo Workout - Roj
  27. The Apple Tree - Hintermass
  28. The Geography - Belbury Poly
  29. The Leaving - The Focus Group
  30. Winter Hours - The Advisory Circle
  31. Leaving Through - The Focus Group