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the chills

Silver Bullets 

fire records


Released: 30th Oct 2015



Released: 30th Oct 2015


it may have been released 20 years after their previous effort, but ‘silver bullets’ sees a band revitalised, bristling with energy and fascinating concepts and delivery.

jangly, off centre pop with a dark edge, they still have the catchy hooks and the something special that lead to john peel snapping them up for a series of sessions in the early nineties. while they never received the popularity they deserved in the uk, back home in new Zealand and Australia they left a significant legacy and are considered up there with the lemonheads and the go betweens by many. “Driving pop fuelled by simple, incessant guitar lines, combined with Phillips’s facility for a hook-laden melody.” The Wire; “Capable of rousing rock and breathtaking beauty.” Pitchfork

Silver Bullets 


  1. Father Time
  2. Warm Waveform
  3. Silver Bullets
  4. Underwater Wasteland
  5. America Says Hello
  6. Liquid Situation
  7. Pyramid Moon
  8. Aurora Corona
  9. I Can’t Help You
  10. Tomboy
  11. Molten Gold