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Released: 6th Nov 2015


a delicate and honest record, continuing his habit of making incisive, observational and beautiful albums.

'Florence' has a back-to-basics approach for Hayman, eschewing his recent collaborative, conceptual approaches for a humble and modest solo effort,. Darren Hayman is a thoughtful, concise and detailed songwriter. He eschews the big, the bright and the loud for the small, twisted and lost. For 15 years, and over 14 albums, Hayman has taken a singular and erratic route through England’s tired and heartbroken underbelly. “His vision goes far beyond any other current independent artist and is a true treasure” - Q, “Behind this bold and unique record lurks the thinking person’s indie-pop legend and unaccredited national treasure, Darren Hayman” The Sunday Times.



  1. Nuns Run The Apothecary
  2. Break Up With Him
  3. From The Square To The Hill
  4. When You’re Lonely, Don’t Be
  5. On The Outside
  6. Didn’t I Saw Don’t Fall In Love
  7. With Him
  8. Lose Me and Find Me
  9. Post Office Girl
  10. Safe Fall
  11. The English Church