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Richard Dawson

The Glass Trunk

Weird World


Released: 4th Dec 2015

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2LP + download

Released: 4th Dec 2015


a stunning reissue of an album that received little fanfare when originally released in 2013 – this was dawson’s response to a local museum service’s archives.

Dawson created the album largely from stories found in an old 17th Century scrapbook, including a lengthy paean to the sorry demise of community pillar Joe The Quilt-Maker and the much-loved yet equally, viscerally dark ‘Poor Old Horse’. Six acapella odes of between 4 and 13 minutes in length, plus a rendering of Mike Waterson’s ‘The Brisk Lad’, interspersed with a series of brief instrumental vignettes, Dawson’s guitar sparring with the electric harp of Rhodri Davies for strictly spontaneous 60-second blasts.

The Glass Trunk