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Black Peaches

Fire & A Water Sign

1965 Records Limited

limited white label hand stamped 12"

Released: 11th Dec 2015

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the hot chip and scritti politti collaborator is here to test the water with his new project, and if you’ve loved any of the off kilter pop of the former bands then this will not let you down.

A midway point between the swamp and the tropics, Black Peaches’ music is gloriously looselimbed and strung-out: a psychotropic stew of country boogie, spiritual jazz and funk. Inspirations include 70s Nashville combo Barefoot Jerry and their guitarist Mac Gaden - that combination of Southern soul and country coming together with Caribbean or South American music seeped in. Then from Brazil, the rhythm section of Baden Powell Sambas’ 1966 album ‘Os Afro Sambas’ and the double guitar attack of the psychtinged Novos Baianos, alongside Chicago’s funky post-rockers 5Style and Krautrock legends Can. b side is a remix from joe goddard of hot chip himself.


Fire & A Water Sign


  1. Fire And A Water Sign
  2. Fire And A Water Sign (Joe Goddard Remix)