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yndi halda

enjoy eternal bliss (2015 reissue)

big scary monsters


Released: 4th Dec 2015


Back in stock at long last, this is the beautiful debut album from Kent's yndi halda.

Released way back in 2007, the four track, hour long record saw the band gain an incredible worldwide fanbase from word of mouth alone. despite never achieving the acclaim it deserved when it was released, it has lasted in the memories of those that heard it, taking pride of place as a criminally underrated gem in many a collection.

enjoy eternal bliss (2015 reissue)


  1. Dash and Blast 16:51
  2. We Flood Empty Lakes 11:41
  3. A Song For Starlit Beaches 19:38
  4. Illuminate My Heart, My Darling! 17:31