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Ty Segall

Emotional Mugger

Drag City


Released: 22nd Jan 2016



Released: 22nd Jan 2016



Released: 22nd Jan 2016

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is there no end to this guy's energy & relentless musical output? let's hope not, for as long as he's churning out records this great, we don't ever want him to stop.

The tireless 28-year-old California native spent most of 2015 touring hard & playing in other bands but now we get his studio follow-up to his mind-blowing & career defining solo album, 'manipulator' (2014). that album was standout in that it presented his music as separate, definiable & memorable individual pieces of work - "songs" in fact. Here, we are faced with a sprawling wall of sound that's best experienced as a complete unbroken listen to feel the full impact. it may sound less focused, more abrasive & more off-kilter but it's just as urgent, just as essential. "Relentlessly fuzzed-out and breakneck-paced, 'Mugger' exists outside of expectations that critics & fans might have for Segall; it’s hard to think about any of it until it’s all over" - consequence of sound.


Emotional Mugger


  1. Squealer
  2. California Hills
  3. Emotional Mugger
  4. Leopard Priestess
  5. Breakfast Eggs
  6. Diversion
  7. Baby Big Man (I Want A Mommy)
  8. Mandy Cream
  9. Candy Sam
  10. Squealer Two
  11. W.U.O.T.W.S.
  12. The Magazine