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David Ramirez




Released: 22nd Jan 2016


a sparse, poignant set of songs crafted around Ramirez’ starkly beautiful baritone, which the New York Times once described as full of “haggard loneliness”.

In a world full of singer-songwriters hawking their stories, Ramirez has managed to stand out from the noise, developing a fiercely loyal following of fans who are drawn to his intimately personal songwriting. The album’s title, ‘Fables,’ was inspired by the first single, “Harder to Lie,” which captures the moment Ramirez realized, as he puts it, “I couldn’t bullsh*t with her [my girlfriend] anymore. She knew me completely. It got me thinking about how much I bullsh*t in my life - exaggerating stories, faking a smile, or whatever. Just telling fables. When you don’t know who you really are you can end up hurting people.”



  1. Communion
  2. Harder To Lie
  3. New Way Of Living
  4. Rock And A Hard Place
  5. On Your Side
  6. How Do You Get 'Em Back
  7. Wild Bones
  8. That Ain't Love
  9. Hold On
  10. Ball And Chain