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Released: 1st Jan 2007



Released: 4th Sep 2012

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re-issue of the band's 2001 full-length debut, a striking blend of stoner metal, hardcore, prog & southern rock that set the metal world ablaze.

a very aggressive stoner rock hybrid that at times reminds of the non-death metal excursions by entombed, but with a complex slant that nears prog rock proportions. the jazzy drumming & clean guitar that go on for most of 'ol'e nessie' is a southern-sounding sprawl that could be the allmans if the brothers bludgeoned with the 'whipping post' instead of just tying folks up to it.



  1. Crusher Destroyer
  2. March Of The Fire Ants
  3. Where Strides The Behemoth
  4. Workhorse
  5. Ol’e Nessie
  6. Burning Man
  7. Trainwreck
  8. Trampled Under Hoof
  9. Trilobite
  10. Mother Puncher
  11. Elephant Man