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Bury Me At Makeout Creek 

Dead Oceans


Released: 1st Jul 2016


Black LP + Download

Released: 11th Mar 2016


far more honest, complex and downright enjoyable than an album named after a famous simpsons quote should be – mitski brings 70’s art rock into the 21st century perfectly.

somehow through ‘bury me…’ she manages to go from aping nico to fuzzed out 60’s pop in the style of the ramones to ‘horses’ style patti smith delivery seamlessly. the effortlessness is the defining point here, her carefully, painstakingly arranged  tracks feel like they float over with you at ease, guarding the incredibly diverse and magnificent composition carrying the melody.

Bury Me At Makeout Creek 


  1. Texas Reznikoff
  2. Townie
  3. First Love/Late Spring
  4. Francis Forever
  5. I Don’t Smoke
  6. Jobless Monday
  7. Drunk Walk Home
  8. I Will
  9. Carry Me Out
  10. Last Words Of A Shooting Star