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Released: 22nd Apr 2016



Released: 22nd Apr 2016


What very well might be the most overlooked and unusually obscure offshoot of the Big Star family tree, PRIX started off after Tommy Hoehn and Jon Tiven had done time in the last version of Big Star.

Hoehn had contributed to the final Sister Lovers/3rd LP, and Tiven filling out the last live version of the band on their 1974 tour. The pair found themselves in 1975 looking for a new project and thus prix was born. PRIX is all about Tommy Hoehn’s vocals, right on par with Chris Bell, if not even more ballsy, fluttering between beauty and the beast effortlessly, every bit as much of a skull-crusher as it can carry a lullaby - the most potent weapon in the PRIX arsenal. imagine bon scott fronting big star and you’ll come close to the power of ‘historix’.



  1. Girl
  2. She Might Look My Way
  3. Love You Tonight (Saturday's Gone)
  4. Love You All Day Long
  5. Zero
  6. Every Time I Close My Eyes
  7. Take Me Home And Make Me Like It
  8. Free Again
  9. Run Run Runaway
  10. All Of The Time
  11. Follow You