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bella union


Released: 29th Apr 2016


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Released: 29th Apr 2016


dirty, driving electronic basslines & dark, pulsating beats are interspersed with hypnotic jams of jagged, funky guitar & mystical incantations.

it’s an album that urges the listener to join the group in their transcendental dance party - psychedelic edm evocative of the new Mexican desert landscape the album was written & recorded in. inspired by the work of georges bataille, Richard tuttle & genesis p-orridge it was produced & mixed by graham walsh (holy fuck). the group’s shared fascination with dance culture, rhythm & the unknown is evident all over the mystical, body-moving record.

total time


  1. Who Owns Noon in Sandusky
  2. Pyramids on Mars
  3. Collective Insanity
  4. Its the Nail That Counts, Not the Rope
  5. Solar Ass
  6. Farmer's Almanac
  7. The Very Large Array
  8. Eat The Love
  9. Russian Gaze