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andy stott

too many voices

modern love

cd in oversize digipak

Released: 22nd Apr 2016



Released: 22nd Apr 2016

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super limited smokey 2lp

Released: 23rd Dec 2016


there’s a unique spectral edge to stott that defines his productions, whether he’s making future r’n’b, guttural grime or anything inbetween.

‘too many voices’ sees him paint the familiar, near brutalist mechanical inspirations before layering an ethereal, daydream like vision over the top. while his previous work has felt innately urban, the vocal samples and contrasts he’s pinned on it have felt escapist - ‘too many voices’ disrupts that, firmly planting it’s samples and transitions in the city itself, both celebrating and fearful of the warmth and alienation of modern urban life. “Stott has given new life to the ghost in his machines.” – spin, album of the week, 8/10

too many voices


  1. Waiting For You
  2. Butterflies
  3. New Romantic
  4. First Night
  5. Forgotten
  6. Selfish
  7. On My Mind
  8. Over
  9. Too Many Voices