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Dark Fat

Dirter Promotions


Released: 17th Jun 2016


a celebration & documentation of 10 years of NWW shows across 2 brand new cds- but to call 'Dark Fat' a live album is far too simplistic.

It is an entirely new recording constructed by combining the most interesting moments of the past decade into unique tracks. We have M.S. Waldron to thank as he is archival commandant of the NWW oeuvre & since 2006 has recorded everything (& we mean EVERYTHING). He has recorded all the live shows, sound-checks, rehearsals, off-stage events & even covertly recorded the private conversations of the band. These recordings have been studiously & lovingly crafted into a unique sonic tapestry by Waldron & Stapleton with delicate embroidery & filigree added by Liles & Potter. Listen in the Dark & soak up the Fat.

Dark Fat