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Black Honey


foxfive records

resident exclusive cd ep

Released: 20th May 2016

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red 10"

Released: 13th Jun 2016

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imagine the yeah yeah yeahs or the kills taking a road trip with quentin tarrantino & you'll get a feel for where this is feisty, energetic ep is coming from.

we've made no secret of our love for these guys & judging by the tracks on this new ep, our love won't be dwindling any time soon. this lot feel like they are on the edge of something huge - watch this space....... "Black Honey’s fullest realisation yet of starry-eyed, cinematic pop. Each song could be a separate scene in the movie of their dreams, where Johnny Depp and Uma Thurman go on an American road trip slash killing spree" - diy,



  1. all my pride
  2. headspin
  3. on your time
  4. mocking swim