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Neon Demon (original soundtrack)



Released: 24th Jun 2016


180g blue & red 2lp + download

Released: 22nd Jul 2016


since their initial collaboration on 2011’s sexy indie thriller ‘Drive’, Martinez and Nicholas winding refn have gone together like Gosling and a hammer.

Now, they’re back for Refn’s latest feature, ‘The Neon Demon’, starring the ever-talented Elle Fanning as a young, aspiring model surrounded by a bunch of monstrous, beauty-hungry women. As expected, it’s fit for the dance floor and warrants lots of glitter.

Neon Demon (original soundtrack)


  1. Neon Demon
  2. Mine (by Sweet Tempest)
  3. The Demon Dance (by Julian Winding)
  4. What Are You?
  5. Don’t Forget Me When You’re Famous
  6. Gold Paint Shoot
  7. Take Off Your Shoes
  8. Ruby At The Morgue
  9. Jesse Sneaks Into Her Room
  10. Real Lolita Rides Again
  11. Messenger Walks Among Us
  12. Runway
  13. Take Her To Measurements
  14. Who Wants Sour Milk
  15. I Would Never Say You’re Fat
  16. Thank God You’re Awake Remix
  17. Kinky
  18. Ruby’s Close Up
  19. Lipstick Drawing
  20. Something’s In My Room
  21. Are We Having A Party
  22. Get Her Out Of Me
  23. Waving Goodbye (by Sia)