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Radio Rewrite (2016 reissue)

harmonia mundi


Released: 9th Sep 2016


Following their internationally acclaimed recording of Steve Reich’s 1974-76 masterpiece 'Music For 18 Musicians', Ensemble Signal & Brad Lubman present two recent pieces by the composer: 'Double Sextet' from 2007 & 'Radio Rewrite' from 2012 – strong, tuneful, energetic, tightly-made works.

"In 2011 Steve saw a performance of his classic electric guitar piece 'Electric Counterpoint' played by Radiohead's guitarist Jonny Greenwood. Reich enjoyed meeting them and was impressed and had the idea to reference some of their music in a new piece. In truth there is not much Radiohead in 'Radio Rewrite', just a few wisps of the harmonic motion from 'Everything in Its Right Place' and a few scraps of tune from 'Jigsaw Falling into Place'...After all these years, 'Radio Rewrite' feels like his own remix, using only as much Radiohead as he needs to get his own music flowing."

Radio Rewrite (2016 reissue)