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the man who fell to earth (original soundtrack)



Released: 9th Sep 2016



Released: 18th Nov 2016


deluxe 2lp + 2cd

Released: 18th Nov 2016


A film as enigmatic as Nicholas Roeg’s 1976 cult classic ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ is always going to conjure up mysteries in its wake & one of the biggest has always has been the fate of the film’s soundtrack.

The film itself reached cult status due to David Bowie’s outstanding performance as Thomas Jerome Newton, an alien that finds himself stranded on Earth. At the time 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' confirmed the film’s director Nicholas Roeg & book’s author Walter Tevis, as on the cutting edge of their respective fields & many critics have said that the film contains Bowie’s finest acting work. The soundtrack has always been highly celebrated & long sought after by fans but until now unavailable as a body of work: it can now finally be acknowledged in its own right Due to lost tapes recently being uncovered.

*** remastered on CD, Vinyl & in a dual format Deluxe Box featuring a 48 page hardback book with rare photos & a new essay about the film from Paolo Hewitt ***

the man who fell to earth (original soundtrack)


  1. Stomu Yamashta - Poker Dice
  2. Louis Armstrong - Blueberry Hill
  3. John Phillips - Jazz II
  4. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Venus: The Bringer Of Peace
  5. John Phillips - Boys From The South
  6. Stomu Yamashta - 33 1/3
  7. John Phillips - Rhumba Boogie
  8. The Kingston Trio - Try To Remember
  9. Stomu Yamashta - Mandala
  10. John Phillips - America
  11. Stomu Yamashta - Wind Words
  12. John Phillips - Jazz
  13. Stomu Yamashta - One Way
  14. John Phillips - Space Capsule
  15. John Phillips - Bluegrass Breakdown
  16. John Phillips - Desert Shack
  17. Stomu Yamashta - Memory Of Hiroshima
  18. John Phillips - Window
  19. John Phillips - Alberto
  20. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Mars: The Bringer Of War
  21. John Phillips - Liar, Liar
  22. John Phillips - Hello Mary Lou
  23. Robert Farnon - Silent Night
  24. Genevieve Waite - Love Is Coming Back
  25. John Phillips - The Man Who Fell To Earth