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Brant Bjork

Tao Of The Devil

Napalm Records


Released: 30th Sep 2016

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one of the foremost icons of the low desert rock scene with his band kyuss, bjork’s solo album is full of heady riffs and blown out jams.

‘Tao Of The Devil’ is more focused than its predecessor ‘Black Power Flower’ and boasts a more song-oriented and groovy stoner sound, with a healthy dose of 70s style greatness. there’s no mistaking that sound, and Bjork is at his rawest here.


Tao Of The Devil


  1. The Gree Heen
  2. Humble Pie
  3. Stackt
  4. Luvin'
  5. Biker No. 2
  6. Dave's War
  7. Tao of the Devil