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Slow Knife

Planet Mu Records Ltd.


Released: 14th Oct 2016



Released: 14th Oct 2016


Five years since their amazing debut, Kuedo finally returns with more sci-fi atmospherics, Vangelis-evoking synth mastery and glassy, skittery beats.

If anything, this time round the sound is more deeply cinematic in scope and heaped with more 80s futurism in it’s strange, sometimes brutally shiny worlds. It’s also an album to rewarding front-to-back immersion, taking us to dark places on its travails through shadowy urban streets and starry wildernesses. That said, there’s a nostalgic yearning seeping through the spaces between at times on this highly involving record. Yet these don’t come easy, the producer perhaps in thrall to Mica Levi’s inspiring recent work, where the listener has queasy and nightmarish worlds to navigate before the cathartic pay-off. This is one for headphones or big sound systems; intense trips lay ahead.

Slow Knife


  1. Hourglass
  2. Under The Surface
  3. In Your Sleep
  4. Bending Moon
  5. Slow Knife
  6. Floating Forest
  7. Love Theme
  8. Approaching
  9. Broken Fox - Black Hole
  10. Breaking The Surface
  11. In Your Skin
  12. Warmer Light
  13. Halogen Light
  14. Lathe