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monument builders



Released: 11th Nov 2016



Released: 27th Jan 2017

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Scott Morgan’s new album under his ambient/electronic acronym is inspired by a worn out VHS copy of Koyaanisqatsi, John Gray’s Straw Dogs, and Edward Burtynsky’s photographs of environmental pollution.

It’s a gloomy record, but graceful, throbbing with a sense of dusty ebullience. The music is rough-hewn, with rickety samples of boiling kettles and resonant moving air. Recordings from a vintage micro-cassette recorder contribute distortion, rattles and textures that serve as both percussion and abstract aural colour. “Leaving listeners in the “Weeds” surrounded by a swirl of haunting whispers, Monument Builders doesn’t offer a happy ending, but nor is it devoid of hope. Perhaps Loscil’s most confrontational record, it processes the darkness in order to expunge it” – 8/10 – the line of best fit

monument builders


  1. Drained Lake
  2. Red Tide
  3. Monument Builders
  4. Straw Dogs
  5. Deceiver
  6. Anthropocene
  7. Weeds