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Kadhja Bonet

The Visitor

Fat Possum


Released: 21st Oct 2016


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Released: 21st Oct 2016


By far the purest, smoothest voice we’ve heard in the shop for a while, the Californian’s album is full of heart-melting, gently psychedelic soul.

This is ‘modern’ rather than ‘neo’ soul, classical in nature, cinematic in texture. Her music is both reverentially old and shiny-new – but with that centering allure of Bonet’s voice an insistent thing of beauty throughout. The arrangements touch on pop, classical, jazz, R&B, and yacht rock with style and ease. Mmmmm. “A cinematic and folky kind of psychedelic soul music impossible to pin down, a style one simply doesn’t hear regularly anymore.” - NPR

The Visitor


  1. Intro - Earth Birth
  2. Honeycomb
  3. Fairweather Friend
  4. The Visitor
  5. Gramma Honey
  6. Portrait Of Tracy
  7. Nobody Other
  8. Francisco