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Oxygene trilogy (40th anniversary edition)



Released: 2nd Dec 2016


3lp + 3cd + book

Released: 2nd Dec 2016


this special package brings together the complete oxygene trilogy, spanning across four decades.

40 years after the international impact of OXYGENE, and 20 years from its second instalment, Jarre has fulfilled a trilogy of albums in 2016 with the addition seven newly composed and recorded pieces. His inspiration for the newly added parts on OXYGENE 3 was not to go back in time, but to add a sense of “now” to his iconic piece of work. Plunging into the environment of the previous volumes with their dark, moody, but at times quite upbeat musical language, Jarre references music from his entire oeuvre. It’s a state-of-the-art recording, embracing both classic and modern ways of music production. This release brings together Jarre’s three pieces of futuristic mastery together in one place facilitating an exciting journey through modern electronica.

Oxygene trilogy (40th anniversary edition)


  1. Oxygene, PT 1.
  2. Oxygene, PT 2.
  3. Oxygene, PT 3.
  4. Oxygene, PT 4.
  5. Oxygene, PT 5.
  6. Oxygene, PT 6.
  7. Oxygene, PT 7
  8. Oxygene, PT 8
  9. Oxygene, PT 9
  10. Oxygene, PT 10
  11. Oxygene, PT 11
  12. Oxygene, PT 12
  13. Oxygene, PT 13
  14. Oxygene, PT 14
  15. Oxygene, PT 15
  16. Oxygene, PT 16
  17. Oxygene, PT 17
  18. Oxygene, PT 18
  19. Oxygene, PT 19