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Lisa Hannigan

Sea Sew (2016 reissue)

Play It Again Sam


Released: 18th Nov 2016


Long deleted, Lisa Hannigan’s cherished ‘sea saw’ is now being made available again through Play It Again Sam.

Lisa Hannigan first came to light as a somewhat mysterious figure singing harmonies alongside Damien Rice and contributing significantly to Rice’s platinum-selling debut ‘O’ and critically lauded follow up ‘9’. They played together for seven years but it wasn’t until the release of her solo debut ‘Sea Sew’ that the full spectrum of her abilities became apparent.

Sea Sew (2016 reissue)


  1. An Ocean And A Rock
  2. Venn Diagram
  3. Sea Song
  4. Splishy Splashy
  5. I Don’t Know
  6. Keep It All
  7. Courting Blues
  8. Pistashio
  9. Teeth
  10. Lille