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Bowling For Soup

Acoustic In A Freakin' English Church

Que-So Records / Brando Records


Released: 16th Dec 2016


The punk-pop superstars release a live album of their cult favourite acoustic show, featuring fun takes on the hits ‘Almost’, ‘Emily’, ‘Punk Rock 101’ and ‘1985’.

It's not every day that pop punk can be heard in one of London's most magnificent churches. But in October 2013, that's exactly what happened when Bowling For Soup performed a very special set at Union Chapel. here it is in all its finery and splendour.

Acoustic In A Freakin' English Church


  1. Me With No You
  2. Almost
  3. A-Hole
  4. 2113
  5. Since We Broke Up
  6. The Bitch Song
  7. Last Call Casualty
  8. Ohio (Come Back To Texas)
  9. Emily
  10. Two Seater
  11. A Friendly Goodbye
  12. Envy
  13. Goodbye Friend
  14. All Figured Out
  15. Punk Rock 101
  16. A Really Cool Dance Song
  17. If You Come Back To Me
  18. Turbulence
  19. 1985