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hey colossus

Dedicated to Uri Klangers

MIE Music


Released: 13th Jan 2017


over a decade before the word ‘psych’ could be found embellishing descriptions of every other new band you read about, these guys could be found exploring the heaviest end of the spectrum - true to the experimental utopianism of the term, but with not a lava lamp or technicolour dreamcoat in sight.

this release traces their single-minded, dare-we-say erratic progress through the years by collecting material from all their early releases into a smorgasbord of heavy psych, sludgey doom, doomy sludge, and gargantuan riffage overlayed with a dedication to visceral exhilaration to match Steve Albini’s precision-chanelled churn at the helm of the big black/rapeman/shellac behemoths. It’s mostly blood and guts – exhilarating chasms of noise that remain stupidly enjoyable, remaining, as they do, in service to rocking the hell out. yet flavours of their quieter mastery can also be found, here, such as the downer blues textures of ‘warmer the belter’. this is the only and most excellent opportunity available to enjoy this band in all their colours through the years, that has lead up to their expansive recent excursions into more ambitious work. Alongside their ‘black and gold’ album, this proves that the band deserve revering as one the uk’s most dangerously exciting and irreverent acts of the last 15 years – from the dingy-dark club venues of yesterday to the dingy-dark club venues of tomorrow. “These guys have always wanted to have their cake and smash your face in it too, intent to burnish their reputation for a ridiculous riff or a ludicrous lyric – all of which made them inadvertently all the more important to a scene too ready to disappear up its own arsehole in pompous sincerity” – the quietus

Dedicated to Uri Klangers


  1. War Crows
  2. How To Tell Time With Jesus
  3. The Drang
  4. I Am The Chiswich Strangler
  5. Eurogrumble PTII
  6. Drug Widow
  7. Warmer The Belter
  8. Hot Grave
  9. Witchfinder General Hospital
  10. Fire Up The Tambourine
  11. Pope Long Haul III
  12. Old No.7
  13. Horsehead
  14. Wait Your Turn