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Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Feed The Rats



Released: 20th Jan 2017


black LP + download

Released: 20th Jan 2017


seven pigs makes for an appropriately heavy image for these riff-hungry Sabbath worshipping, doomily hazy miscreants new on the ROCKET label.

Like labelmates Goat, these guys have a shamanic dedication to extended psych’d trips, but a more single-minded commitment to thick, swaying, hairy burners. With a name like that and three lllooooonnnngggg jams on this lp, they will clearly not be edited. This is metal for those looking to graduate from the pscyh scene into more visceral realms. Resident Coops points out that at times it’s like listening to Lemmy singing over Sabbath riffs – a primal pleasure that we highly recommend, also for fans of Part Chimp, Holy Serpent, and Monster Magnet, as well as the vibrant scene surrounding the rocket or fuzz club labels. “A wonderful meeting of riff, groove and voice but with a slightly unhinged sensibility and a sharp focus that stops Feed The Rats from just being music for bearded chaps to nod along to” – 9/10 - soundblab

Feed The Rats


  1. Psychopomp
  2. Sweet Relief
  3. Icon