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last place

30th century / columbia


Released: 3rd Mar 2017


brown lp + download

Released: 3rd Mar 2017


indie rock’s not felt this wonky, weird or downright bizarre and fun since the last granddaddy release 10 years ago – lytle and co still have their idiosyncratic abilities that warmed us to them all those years ago.

their heady blend of influences manage to recall giddy space rock, children’s tv theme tunes, neil young’s farthest reaching rust era experiments and hyperactive psych to make something that, despite nods to 'wowee zowie' pavement, 'yoshimi battles the pink robots' era flaming lips and mercury rev's 'deserter's songs', sounds like nothing else out there. “driving mid-tempo drums, pulsing analogue synths and a beautiful, stately melancholy” – 9/10 uncut

last place


  1. Way We Won't
  2. Brush with the Wild
  3. Evermore
  4. Oh She Deleter :(
  5. The Boat is in the Barn
  6. Chek Injin
  7. I Don't Wanna Live Here Anymore
  8. That's What You Get for Gettin' Outta Bed
  9. This is the Part
  10. Jed the 4th
  11. A Lost Machine
  12. Songbird Son