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Released: 3rd Feb 2017

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jaunty power pop full of fuzzy guitars, splashing cymbals & more hooks than an angler’s tackle box.

After a demo session in 2013 they hooked up with Stavanger-locals Espen, a metal drummer with a pop heart, & former synthpop-singer Børild. Together they knocked out 3 single tracks that quickly made a mark on playlists on both Norwegian & British national radio. Having lived through the passing of his father, Børild, as the youngest son in the family has a lot to express. Beachheads is the kind of b& that will stay with you through life’s many twists & turns. The track sequence manifests life’s unpredictability & sharp contrasts, going from classic love songs to moments of deep despair. The album brims with a sense of euphoric companionship, the power of trusting yourself & following your heart.



  1. Moment of Truth
  2. Break Me Down
  3. Your Highness
  4. Despair
  5. Una
  6. Give Me Some Love
  7. Reverberations
  8. Procession
  9. Treasure Chest
  10. Monologues
  11. Addiction Not Love
  12. It Feels Alright