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Emma Ruth Rundle & Jaye Jayle

The Time Between Us (Split LP)

Sargent House


Released: 7th Apr 2017



Released: 14th Jul 2017


Rundle exudes brooding, melancholic rock draped in shimmering guitar under breathy vocals whilst Jaye Jayle’s stripped-back noir brings Krautrock together with blues under impressive baritone crooning vocals.

this 6-song split lp boasts 3 previously unreleased tracks from each artist. rundle incorporates lonely tones & dusty landscapes, lulling swells of reverb punctuated by sparkles of lyrical intensity & an acoustic version of ‘Hand of God’: Stripped of studio embellishments, her haunting voice, paired with acoustic guitar, takes centre stage. Though possessing a distinct Southern filter, Jaye Jayle unsurprisingly count Spacemen 3, Neu!, & Lungfish among their varied influences, while arriving at a sound wholly unusual in the American underground. The swampy thump of their opener precedes The slow-boil grumble of ‘Unnecessarily’, which finds Patterson channeling his inner Iggy Pop over a rhythm made menacing by its sheer unwillingness to break form. A timeless meander draped in icy violins, ‘Hope Faith County’, by comparison, seems as if transmitted from a dream.


The Time Between Us  (Split LP)


  1. Emma Ruth Rundle - The Distance
  2. ERR - To Fold in England (Hours)
  3. ERR - Hand Of God (Acoustic)
  4. Jaye Jayle - About Time You Came to Me
  5. JJ - Unnecessarily
  6. JJ- Hope Faith County