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What in the Natural World

paradise of bachelors


Released: 31st Mar 2017


LP + download

Released: 31st Mar 2017


James 2 recommends: “If you came into the shop when our beloved Dan was working here you will have heard this album – his habit of playing it every. Single. Day. He. Worked. Here. Has rubbed off because this William tyler produced songbook radiates warmth with it’s simplicity and it’s one of those joyful albums that lends itself to listening to over and over again (which is a bonus when you have no choice)”

an utterly gorgeous album of reinterpretations of classic folk songs that carry his unique voice impeccably, and with guitar work that recalls William tyler’s finest moments and jack rose’s blues tinged picking. his storytelling is key here – no matter the song, traditional or (comparatively) modern, his spin makes it entirely his own, joining the likes of jonny fritz & kacey musgraves as modern masters of the American song.

What in the Natural World


  1. Jump for Joy
  2. Have You Ever Seen Peaches Growing on a Sweet Potato Vine?
  3. Pinnacle Mountain Silver Mine
  4. Furniture Man
  5. Bells of Rhymney
  6. Billy Button
  7. Canyoneers
  8. St. Brendan’s Isle
  9. Lowe Bonnie