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Peel Sessions

xemu records

limited lp

Released: 17th Mar 2017


digital release and now a limited edition vinyl release the legendary Dead Meadow John Peel session that started the band's history.

Recorded in 2000 following the release of their self titled debut album at the Fugazi rehearsal space in Arlington, VA, Dead Meadow's six song set was the only Peel Session to be taped outside of the UK (at the time, the band had no money to travel abroad). This record also includes demo takes of "Golden Cloud" and "White Worm" which were recorded around the same time, though in a different session.

Peel Sessions


  1. Dusty Nothing
  2. Good Mornin’
  3. Drifting Down Streams
  4. The Breeze Always Blows
  5. The Boot
  6. Indian Bones
  7. Golden Cloud
  8. White worm