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world be gone



Released: 19th May 2017


lp + download

Released: 19th May 2017


limited indies only orange lp + download

Released: 19th May 2017


their 17 studio album sees them in a more reflective mood, thoughtfully examining today’s world & looking forward to the future through their relentlessly infectious electro pop energy.

Explains Vince Clarke, “Obviously the current political climate lends itself to lots of ideas”, Andy Bell continues, “I think there’s an underswell of opinion, & people are slowly waking up. I’m hoping that people will take the album in a positive way, that they’ll use it as optimistic rabble-rousing music.” The enduring BRIT & Ivor Novello winning pop duo have released a staggering number of albums, including 5 UK Number 1’s & 17 top 10 singles (35 singles charted in the UK Top 40) & their recent best of, ‘Always’, saw them entering the Top 10 album charts once again.


world be gone


  1. Love You To The Sky
  2. Be Careful What You Wish For!
  3. World Be Gone
  4. A Bitter Parting
  5. Still It's Not Over
  6. Take Me Out Of Myself
  7. Sweet Summer Loving
  8. Oh What A World
  9. Lousy Sum Of Nothing
  10. Just A Little Love