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Devon Sproule

The Gold String

tin angel


Released: 24th Mar 2017



Released: 24th Mar 2017


this is North American music with weirdo roots Recorded in three different Canadian provinces — Yukon, Ontario, and Nova Scotia — and features backing from Toronto dream-poppers Bernice.

the unique sound was born of isolation - “I was staying in a tiny house all by myself, on a windy island out in the North sea. My daily human contact was waving to a farmer while he trained his 9-month-old sheepdog, Jan, for a herding competition. I had a little map of the ruins in the area, but I never really felt like it. I was gravitating toward the more modest plants and birds, considering all the people in my life. Everything seemed hyper-connected. So I postponed dinner — which is always easy because I can’t cook — & begin to write these long, long lines of lyrics. They were way less labored than usual, less chiseled into a meter. But I found that if I narrowed the melody to a few notes — almost like a chant — the ideas began to string themselves together”

The Gold String


  1. Listen To This
  2. Make It Safe
  3. Trees At Your Mom's
  4. The Gold String
  5. Drawing Circles
  6. Jana
  7. More Together
  8. Tree Detail