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Bogus Order

Zen Brakes Vol. 2

Ahead Of Our Time / Ninja Tune

limited edition cd

Released: 14th Jul 2017


the sequel we’ve waited 27 years for bursts with vibrant skittering synths and hypnotic beats – a transfixing spell of luminous electronica.

In 1990, the electronic duo released Zen Brakes Vol 1, the first ever Ninja Tune release - this is the follow-up to that historic debut some 27 years ago. this is a limited edition CD release of 1000 copies featuring 10 different artwork cover variations to coincide with each track from the album, a roll-fold booklet and bonus track.

***Limited CD edition of 1000. 10 different artwork cover variations (100 of each) - each corresponding to individual album tracks. 10 page roll-fold artwork booklet and bonus track ‘God Save Techno’.***

Zen Brakes Vol. 2


  1. Ex Voto
  2. Sometimes It Hurts
  3. Soco Mania
  4. Bullnose Step
  5. Stooge
  6. Flight 4
  7. The Atlantic Affair
  8. Waiting On Your Call
  9. It’s Up 2
  10. Can You Believe It
  11. God Save Techno (Bonus Track)