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Part Chimp


Rock Action Records


Released: 14th Apr 2017


white lp + download

Released: 14th Apr 2017


Ian recommends: “Noisy as hell walls of noise that burst into serious sonic melody - Hardly any progression from the first 3 albums, why change something this good?”

Alex recommends: “A stoner punk outfit that soars high and wallows low - A gargantuan sound”

the sleeping giant wakes - stoner rock / doom legends Part Chimp have finally returned, delivering a slab of gargantuan riffs and roaring hooks that might be their most elegant work to date.

part chimp has become the tall poppy of the heavy crowd  by gleefully riding the line between tongue-in-cheek nonchalance and calamitous angst. ‘iv’ offers seismic riffs sure to make fans of sabbath, melvins and kyuss blush.  "a sludge symphony in miniature, an onslaught not to be missed" - line of best fit



  1. Namekuji
  2. Mapoleon
  3. Bouncer’s Dream
  4. Solid Gone
  5. Ro Ro
  6. Bad Boon
  7. The Saturn Superstition
  8. Rad Mallard
  9. A Lil’ Bit O’ Justice