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the nashville sound

Southeastern Records


Released: 16th Jun 2017


180g lp

Released: 16th Jun 2017


180g indies only lp + songbook + download

Released: 16th Jun 2017

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bolstered by the 400 unit, the drive-by truckers alumnus’ soulful country packs a bigger punch than ever before – a beautiful record full of warmth & rich, earthy textures.

The Nashville Sound was recorded at Nashville’s legendary RCA Studio A and produced by Grammy Award-winner Dave Cobb. these songs address a range of subjects that include, politics and cultural privilege (“White Man’s World”) longing nostalgia (“The Last Of My Kind”), love and mortality (“If We Were Vampires”), the toxic effect of today’s pressures (“Anxiety”), the remnants of a break up (“Chaos and Clothes”) and finding hope (“Something To Love”). Songs such as “Cumberland Gap” and “Hope The Highroad” find Jason and his bandmates going back to their rock roots full force. “the Nashville sound sees isbell swaggeringly confidently along the rockier edge of his range” 9/10 – uncut.


the nashville sound


  1. Last Of My Kind
  2. Cumberland Gap
  3. Tupelo
  4. White Man's World
  5. If We Were Vampires
  6. Anxiety
  7. Molotov
  8. Chaos and Clothes
  9. Hope The High Road
  10. Something To Love