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Bronze Mystic

Blood And Biscuits


Released: 21st Apr 2017


clear with green splatter LP + download

Released: 21st Apr 2017

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they return with a vital album composed of soaring post-rock, humming dark ambience, esoteric offshoots, bubbling electronics and the odd gargle of industrial-tinged noise – relentlessly innovative, arresting and extremely stimulating.

After awaking from their nap, they have done so revitalised, rejuvenated and driven, creating an album that has stretched their horizons even further and is driven by the propulsive charge of electronic music. That said, guitars and drums are far from strangers on the record, but instead they are used to colour and shade around the electronic centrepiece of the record. Sonically the record matches the band’s fuller sense of scope and vision; the sputtering electronics, and often-elongated guitar wails, recall the dystopian visions as depicted in the finest 1980s horror and sci-fi films. “a record that takes the moody post-rock of their first effort and imbues it with electronics” 4/5 – the skinny.


Bronze Mystic


  1. Actual Landscapes
  2. Shakma
  3. Pale Force
  4. Graverobber
  5. Crystal Trap
  6. Meta
  7. Prince 0
  8. Darkjewel
  9. Professional Weapon