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Parov Stelar

The Burning Spider



Released: 21st Apr 2017



Released: 21st Apr 2017


he’s outdone himself this time; taking samples of already-excellent tunes, turning them on their heads, & creating something new, wonderful, & jaunty as heck.

Many aspects of the unique Parov Stelar sound, that the worldwide Parov Stelar fans have been able to cherish and love remain, only influences and references are newly generated once again. On his last albums especially, swing references made Stelar a global superstar of a genre, now he offers new sounds with blues and jazz elements to connect the decades. At the same time, he constantly rethinks his own musical history, and longtime fans will rediscover style elements that have been pushed in the background in the past years.


The Burning Spider


  1. The Burning Spider Ft. Lightnin Hopkins
  2. Step Two Ft. Lilja Bloom
  3. Soul Fever Blues Ft. Muddy Waters
  4. Everything Of My Heart
  5. My Man Ft. Lightnin Hopkins
  6. All Grown Up Ft. Anduze
  7. Mama Talking Ft. Stuff Smith
  8. State Of The Union Ft. Anduze
  9. Beauty Mark Ft. Anduze
  10. Cuba Libre Ft. Mildred Bailey
  11. Black Coffee
  12. The Ride