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molly nilsson


night school


Released: 26th May 2017


lp + download

Released: 26th May 2017


mirroring her lyrics, the music is crisp & clear, dark & brooding, yet with a coldly bright pop sensibility – it’s thought-provoking stuff, whose melodies make themselves right at home inside your head.

For an artist who has so successfully created her own environment & gradually let others in, her 8th studio album sees her directly engaging with her surroundings, engendering change & allowing love in. one of many album highlights is ‘Let’s Talk About Privileges’ whose heart-rending chorus of “It’s never being afraid of the police, it’s expecting every thank you, every please”. her vision on this album is perhaps more forceful than the emotionally fragile moments of previous album ‘Zenith’, at times exemplified on songs like ‘Memory Foam’, a bright, driving pop song that belies themes of nostalgia & the past, reminding us that Molly alone can make us feel so welcome in loneliness.




  1. Tender Surrender
  2. Let?s Talk About Privileges
  3. Mona-Lisa?s Smile
  4. Memory Foam
  5. American Express
  6. Money Never Dreams
  7. Not Today Satan
  8. Think Pink
  9. Modern World
  10. Inner Cities
  11. Theory Of Life
  12. After Life