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Vincent Ahehehinnou

Best Woman (2017 reissue)


super limited lp + poster + download

Released: 21st Apr 2017


this lost classic album was released on Nigeria’s Hasbunalau Records in 1978 and is a godsend for both those who know what they’ve been missing up ‘til now & than those who haven’t yet had the pleasure.

With this reissue on Analog Africa’s Dance Edition imprint – newly mastered by Nick Robbins and approved by Vincent himself – this makes a welcome and long-overdue return to turntables around the world. the title track’s driving beat, focused horns and intricate vocal melody recall the raucous intensity of Poly-Rythmo. But the deep funk of the title track turns out to be only a warm-up for album-highlight ‘Maimouna Cherie’ (French), a moving expression of love and longing which kicks off with a hi-hat and wah-wah guitar workout but shifts gears mid-way into a more concentrated and contemplative groove. The funk and afrobeat gems are balanced by songs that draw upon Sato, one of the many Vodoun rhythms of Vincent’s native Benin. Side one concludes with ‘Vi Deka’ (Mina), an epic slow-burner propelled by some of the record’s most soulful vocals, while album closer ‘Wa Do Verite Ton Noumi’ (Fon) all but dares you not to lose yourself in its sublime hypnotic trance


Best Woman (2017 reissue)


  1. Best Woman
  2. Vi Deka
  3. Maimouna Cherie
  4. Wa Ton Verité Ton Noemi