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Steve Earle & The Dukes

So You Wannabe An Outlaw

warner brothers


Released: 16th Jun 2017


deluxe cd + dvd

Released: 16th Jun 2017



Released: 16th Jun 2017


storming, raw and ready widescreen Americana – steve earle should need no introduction and he’s right at the peak of his powers here with an all Texan, unhinged and wildly exciting outlaw romp.

he’s roped in willie nelson, johnny bush and Miranda lambert to great effect too but this is anything but a bloated retro fest – earle here is proving that he can be both an inspiration and run alongside the likes of jason isbell, drive by truckers & jim white with ease and turn outlaw country on its head. “an entirely unromanticised, often harrowing portrait of the outlaw genre… [his] best collection in more than a decade” – 8/10, uncut

So You Wannabe An Outlaw


  1. So You Wannabe An Outlaw
  2. Looking For A Woman
  3. The Firebreak Line
  4. News From Colorado
  5. If Mama Coulda Seen Me
  6. Fixin To Die
  7. This Is How It Ends
  8. The Girl On The Mountain
  9. You Broke My Heart
  10. Walkin In LA
  11. Sunset Highway
  12. Goodbye Michelangelo
  13. Ain’t No God In Mexico (Deluxe only)
  14. sister’s Coming Home Down at the Corner Beer Joint (Deluxe only)
  15. Local Memory (Deluxe only)
  16. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (Deluxe only)